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Aluminium insulated high-speed doors

Release time:2018-11-06

Project description: as a famous auto parts manufacturer, at present there are more than 10 domestic factories, relative auto parts for ring main condition demand is higher, the logistics channel to open or close, so early installation of the steel gate cannot meet the requirements, the old door needs to change to the door, because it is a plant of foreign logistics channel, so hard is more suitable for rapid door.

Evaluation and selection: through the field understanding and evaluation, I have a detailed understanding of the owner's needs, including the number of door switches and requirements for wind pressure resistance. Finally, I made a rigid high-speed door plan based on various factors, and opened it with geomagnetic induction, which can fully meet the field application requirements.

Construction cycle: 30 days (including production, transportation and installation time)

Equipment selection: external hard high speed door (ex-h86)

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aluminium insulated high-speed doors

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