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Guauma Logistics Equipment, as an integrated and expertized solution supplier for logistics passages, 

specializes in a variety of high performance fast roll up doors, and loading unloading dock equipment.

We set product development, control system development, structure and appearance design in one,

as well as boast a well-managed advanced plant, professional R&D teams and technicians with

abundant experience of big projects.


Guauma excel in cooperating with clients from the design stage of their new plant to offer the most

suitable solution, based on their factory drawings and requirements of environment and passages. We

are committed to making our customers’ factories more aesthetic, efficient and sustainable.

Our goal is to help our clients build faster, greener and safer passages and reduce the cost of energy, 

purchase and maintenance.

Product positioning: interior pvc high speed doors, spiral high speed doors, cleanroom high speed

doors, freezer high speed doors, machine protection fast roll up door, explosion-proof rapid roller

doors, industrial sectional doors, dock levelers, dock seals, dock vehicle restraints, etc.

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