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  Based on industrial fast doors, equipment such as unloading platforms are frequently used daily. As the service life grows, consumables age, and different operators, more or less involved in after-sales, so the professional and fast after-sales department is very important.

  Guauma pays attention to several aspects:

  One: focus on training and installation workers, implement qualified post, and the project installation manager has a three-year after-sales responsibility system.

  Second: pay attention to the training of customer users, strengthen the usual maintenance, maintenance, establish a product operation record file, query the operation status and maintenance records anytime and anywhere.

  Three: fault repair quick response process!

  Designate a dedicated after-sales engineer to connect with the customer, understand the fault by telephone within 4 hours, try to solve the problem by telephone!

  If you need to send someone to repair the door, according to the customer's emergency situation, the professional maintenance engineer will be dispatched to the customer's site for repair within 4 to 48 hours.

  After-sale warranty:

Payment method Emergency failure, no need to replace things, repair quotation amount ≤ 3000 yuan, first repair and then charge.
After-sales warranty After the repair, the warranty for the repair part: 1 year ≤ 2 years!
After sales time The phone responded within 4 hours and solved the problem within 48 hours.

National unified after-sales service hotline: 400-168-0560

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