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  Guauma currently consists of three integrated divisions:

  R & D and production department:

  The R&D department is mainly responsible for product development and testing, as well as product performance and use improvement. Targeted development of corresponding products for different application environments and needs. Currently, the R&D department only has 2 people, all of whom are undergraduate and fast. The door related field has nearly 5 years of work experience. With rich experience, the products developed are not only compact, beautiful, and maintenance-free.

  The production department is mainly responsible for production, and is divided into production group, inspection group, quick door and unloading equipment, mainly system integration and assembly. In order to ensure the quality and reliability of the products, the production department selects the parts and components, and the products supplied by the parts manufacturers. Carry out all inspections to prevent possible defective products from sampling.

  Sales Logistics Department:

  The sales department is mainly responsible for the docking of customers in the early stage. According to the customer's requirements, the use environment to select products and grasp the product configuration to meet the customer's use. Guauma has always focused on the professionalism of the salesperson and the understanding of the smart logistics channel. In the long-term cooperation with customers, it advocates program marketing, value marketing, not deceptive marketing, one-time marketing, and relationship marketing.

  Install the after-sales department:

  Based on industrial doors, unloading platforms and other equipment are frequently used daily. As the service life increases, some consumables are aging. Therefore, after-sales service is very important. The installation department implements the project manager's 3-year responsibility system and is responsible for the after-sales service within 3 years of the installed project. service.

  I: Emphasis on the training of installation workers, the installation of the ring directly affects the use of the door to a large extent, the implementation of training, the installation project manager three-year responsibility system.

  Second: pay attention to the training of customer users, pay attention to the usual maintenance and maintenance! Establish customer product and operation file list.

  Three: fault repair quick response process! The special after-sales engineer docked, and the fault was answered by telephone within 2 hours, and arrived at the customer site within 4 to 48 hours.

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