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High Speed Spiral Door

Guauma EX-H86 High Speed Spiral Door is the most suitable solution for the external/exterior accesses of warehouses, air-conditioning plants, hygienic workshops, etc. to achieve security, thermal insulation, maintain internal environment, facilitate traffic efficiency, reduce energy consumption, etc.


Application: Exterior/ Interior

Faster speed, remaining internal temperature and clean environment, saving energy

Guauma EX-H86 Rigid-panel High-speed Spiral Doors uses unique spiral guide rail technology leading to friction free between door panels and faster speed. Its maximum opening speed is up to 1.8m/s, and its operating cycles can achieve approximately 500 times per day, which help to considerably enhance traffic efficiency, control internal temperature and keep environment clean. Moreover, sealing strips in the side guides offer good sealing helping to reduce the loss of energy.


Security, thermal insulation, fierce wind resistance

40mm thickness polyurethane foam (PU) door panels can offer high rigidity, perfect thermal insulation and security, as well as resist fierce wind. Optional double-layer aluminum alloy panels.


More stable & reliable operation, barely maintenance and long lifespan

Regarding to the drive system, equipped with high speed door motor, reducer, frequency converter, counterweight balance system etc., thisfast overhead roller doorhas the properties of smoother operation, high stability, barely maintenance and long lifespan.  


Double safety systems guarantee

In order to ensure extreme safety of users and goods, this security spiral rolling door is equipped with both safety infrared barrier and Wireless detector safety bottom edge.


Cost saving & spacing conserving

What is worth noticing is that, the spiral fast roll up door can be a perfect alternative to sectional doors or combined doors (sectional door + PVC fast speed roller) to help save money in terms of purchase and maintenance as well as conserve installation space.

Typically, the torsion springs and other hardware of the sectional doors have a service life of just 20,000 to 25,000 times. The sectional door is lifted by wire rope system, easy to break, short service life, slow operation and low frequency. However, the fast action spiral door completely resolves these problems, thanks to its wheels lifting design and spring counterweight balance system.

External/ Internal application:

The maximum wind-load up to 32m/s;


Unique spiral guide rail technology:

Offering no friction between door panels and low noise;


Spring counterweight balance system and wheels lifting design:

Causing swifter speed, more stable operation, low friction, barely maintenance and long service life;


Galvanized steel structure, 40mm thickness PU insulated aluminum alloy panels/ double-layer aluminum alloy panels:

Anti-rust, storm wind proof, extreme robustness and perfect thermal insulation;


Sealing strips in side guides and door panels:

Providing good sealing and minimizing the loss of energy;


Faster speed (maximum 1.8m/s opening speed):

Boosting work efficiency, maintaining internal temperature and environment;


Highly frequent operation:

Opening and closing up to 500 times/ day;


Double safety systems protection:

Safety infrared barrier + Wireless detector safety bottom edge to ensure absolute safety of employees and goods.




EX-H86 High Speed Spiral Door


Exterior/ Interior

Maximum Size

8000mm (Width) X 8000mm (Height)

Max Speed

Opening 1.8m/s; Closing 0.6m/s

Door Panel

40mm thickness polyurethane foam aluminon alloy panels

Optional: Double-layer aluminum alloy panels;

Door Frame

2mm thickness Galvanized Steel

Optional: Stainless Steel

Control system

Servo control system, high speed door motor +frequency converter

Wind Load


Operating cycles


Double Safety system

Safety infrared barrier + Wireless detector safety bottom edge

Optional: multi light barrier


push button

Optional: RFID/ radar / remote/ induction loop/ pull cord

Emergency Opening


Methods of Activation: RFID/ radar/ remote control/induction loop/ pull cord

Industries of warehouses, logistics, automobile & parts, food & beverage, precision electronics & instruments, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, flavors, bio-technology, cosmetics, chemicals and other areas requiring security, fast and highly frequent opening and closing, etc. 


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