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PVC High Speed Doors

CR-H64 High Speed Door is the ideal solution for the internal passages of factories to facilitate traffic efficiency, effectively prevent dust, insect and air convection, bring down energy consumption, etc.

Model: CR-H64 High Speed Door

Application : Interior 

Boosting efficiency, saving energy, controlling humidity and air convection

CR-H64 High Speed Door is the most cost-effective solution for plants and factories to facilitate efficiency in logistics, warehousing and material transportation, as well as bring down energy consumption and keep the interior of the building clean. Meanwhile, good sealing and fast speed opening & closing help to prevent dust, insect, humidity and airflow from entering your workshop. Its maximum opening speed is 1.2m/s, closing speed is 0.6m/s. Running cycle can reach around 500 times/day.

 Anti-rust, dustproof, stronger structure

What is worth mentioning is that the automatic rapid action shutter door adopts GUAUMA UNIQUE ARC-shaped top structure design to effectively reduce dust accumulation. Standard Stainless Steel door frames, shaft cover and motor cover make the pvc fabric rapid rolling door rust-proof and more durable. Double door frames help decrease friction and increase operation stability

 Smooth and stable operation, easy maintenance and long service life

Regarding to the drive system, equipped with standard servo motor, reducer and frequency converter, etc. make this fast action roller door operate more smoothly and enjoy longer service life.

 Safety guarantee

Last but not the least, we put a great value on safety issues. In order to ensure the safety of users and goods, all Guauma fast roll up shutters are equipped with safety infrared barrier. When there is an obstacle under the door, it will automatically open immediately.  

Interior application, wind-proof rods design in the door curtain:

Improving wind load resistance;

GUAUMA UNIQUE ARC-shaped top structure design:

Effectively reducing dust accumulation;

Good sealing:

Helping enhance cleanliness and reducing energy consumption;

Safety system:

Preventing users and goods from being hurt by the bottom edge of the door;

Stronger structure, double door frame:

Thicker and wider door frames; double-layer door frame, helping reduce friction and increase operation stability;

High frequency operation:

Opening and closing cycles up to 500 times/ day;

stability, durable, low noise & long service time

Standard servo motor, reducer and frequency converter, helping to facilitate smooth running performance and reducing operation noise.

high speed doors


CR-H64 High Speed Door



Maximum Size

4500mm (Width) X 5000mm (Height)

Max Speed

Opening 1.2m/s; Closing 0.6m/s

Door Curtain

0.9-1.2mm thickness PVC

Double Door Frame

Standard: Finest 2mm-thickness Stainless Steel outside frame + plastic molded inner frame; roll cover and motor cover

Optional: Galvanized Steel

Drive system

Standard servo motor, reducer, frequency converter, control box IP rating 54, emergency button

Safety system

Safety infrared barrier

Optional: Wireless detector safety bottom edge; multiple safety infrared barriers

Wind Load Resistance

130-180Pa (equivalent to 13.9-17.1m/s wind)

Wind permeability

Class 1 (air permeability ≤24m³/m².h)

Performance Cycles

1,000,000 times

Activation method

push button

Optional: RFID/ radar/ remote control/induction loop/ pull cord

Emergency Opening


Methods of Activation: RFID/ radar/ remote control/induction loop/ pull cord, etc.

methods of activation

Colors Available:

high speed doors

A wide range of industries, like warehouse, automobile & parts, food & beverage, precision electronics & instruments, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, flavors, bio-technology, cosmetics, chemicals and other areas requiring fast and highly frequent opening and closing.

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