An Integrated Solution Expert in Logistics Passages

Making your logistics passages faster, smarter, safer & greener!

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Shanghai Guauma Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Guauma Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd.


Focusing on high performance fast speed doors & 

Loading bay equipment

  • As a professional and advanced manufacturer in the field of high speed roller

    shutters, Guauma integrates product development, control system development,

    structure and appearance design into one.

  • We have developed a variety of high performance speed doors and warehouse
    dock  equipment for different environments and requirements.

control box

An integrated solution expert in logistics passages

  • Guauma excels in cooperating with clients from the design phrase of new

    plants  to offer  the most suitable solution based on factory drawings and

    requirements. We have completed plenty of successful large projects with 

    world-famous firms.

  • Dedicated products are provided according to various environments, such as

    warehouese, clean  rooms, cold storage, explosion-proof areas, external

    logistics channels, etc.

  • We are committed to helping clients build faster, smarter, greener and more 

    aesthetic factories.


Continuous improvement and innovation; 

Integrating superior quality, intelligence, practicality and aesthetics.

  • Holding CE certification, software copyright patent, independent appearance

    patent, utility model patent, etc.

  • From the raw materials, production processes, precision, component parts

     selection  etc., Guauma controls the quality strictly and comprehensively and 

     lays emphasis on every link, so as to ensure the excellent performance and 

     long service life of our products.


Professional, timely and perfect pre-sales, in-sales, & 

post-sales services

  • Service response within 12 hours.

  • PRE-SALES: Preliminary solution provision, further discussion, final solution

    confirmation installation drawings confirmation, production details con-

    firmation, etc. 

  • IN-SALES:Manufacture progress, delivery, transportation status notifi-

     cation etc.

  • AFTEE-SALES: contacting customers regularly, collecting feedbacks etc.

  • Regular technical knowledge training for technicians and after-sale

     personnel makes our service more efficient and professional.


clean room door
After sales service

The most convenient transport & 

The most reliable delivery time

  • Favorable geographical location; the most convenient land, sea and air


  • Delivery time guarantee, never delay delivery.



   Guauma Logistics Equipment, as an integrated and expertized solution supplier for 

   logistics passages, specializes in a variety of high performance fast roll up doors, and 

   loading unloading dock equipment. We set product development, control system 

   development, structure and appearance design in one, as well as boast a well-managed 

   plant, advanced and intelligent production equipment, professional R&D teams and

   technicians with abundant experience of big projects.

   We committed to helping clients build faster, greener and safer passages and reduce 

   the costs of energy, procurement and maintenance.

   Product positioning: interior pvc high speed doors, spiral high speed doors, cleanroom 

   high speed doors, freezer high speed doors, machine protection fast roll up door, explosion-

   proof rapid roller doors, industrial sectional doors, dock levelers, dock seals, dock vehicle

   restraints, etc. 

  Industry application: food & beverage, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, bio-technology,

  cosmetics, chemicals, flavors, precision electronics & instruments, automobiles & compo-

  nents, logistics, warehouses, cold chains, etc.



Solution Orientation

We specialize in providing our clients with the most suitable solutions, designed to make your

factories more aesthetic, efficient and sustainable.


Customer Orientation

We take great care in customer satisfaction to gain more regular clients with mutual trust.


Constant Innovation

We pay great attention to continuous improvement and innovation to remain our products


Win-Win Situation

We are committed to offer our clients high performance products in a cost-effective manner to

benefit you, as a result to achieve win-win situation.


If you have any questions or requirements, please feel 

free to contract us. We will reply you within 12 hours.

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