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High speed & safety doors


Focus on Industrial door field!

Guauma is a professional manufacturer in the field of fast door, from product selection, parameter setting... Provide one-stop service!

Make logistics pass faster, more intelligent, do a good job in every project case, is we have been the source of power!

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Professional solution

professional technical services, selecting and problem solution.

For different use environments: clean room workshop, refrigerated area, external logistics channel, machine protection, loading and unloading port, etc., we can customize and provide products with specific requirements.

With in-depth research in the field of Guauma logistics, complete product range, and long-term project practice, we are able to provide the right solution for your new or retrofit project.


Innovative R&pursuit of excellence

Market-oriented, customer-focused, our R&D team starts from structural principles, design, drive systems, and component selection.

Developed a series of special fast door products for clean workshops, refrigerated areas, explosion-proof areas, machine protection, loading and unloading passages.


Higher cost performance

More reasonable cost, better quality products

As market competition intensifies, only products that offer higher cost performance will be more competitive.

By accurately positioning customers, reducing management operations, integrating supply chains, and increasing R&D investment. Ensure product quality, aesthetics, and make the price better, in order to establish long-term cooperative relationship

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After sales service

Perfect Service

How to solve your worries?

24-hour after-sales service call, quickly solve the problem for you.

Strengthen the professional knowledge training of after-sales personnel to make the after-sales process scientific.

Establish a complete customer information file, return to customers regularly, and strengthen maintenance and maintenance.

About Guauma

Shanghai Guauma Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in logistics channel fast door and loading and unloading system integration equipment, is committed to providing one-stop smart logistics solutions!

Combining modern factories: safety, dust-free, sealing, insulation, efficient transportation, etc., we will design a reasonable solution for industrial doors for customers, create a five-star production environment, and bring a smart, green factory experience.

Profile Team Development Honor

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Solution orientation: 

We specialize in providing our clients

with the most suitable solutions,de-

signed to make your factories more

aesthetic, efficient and sustainable.


Customer orientation: 

We take great care in customer satis-

faction to gain more regular clients with

mutual trust.


Constant innovation:

We pay great attention to continuous

improvement and innovation to remain

our products competitive.


Win-win situation:

We are committed to offer our clients

high performance products in a 

cost-effective manner to benefit you, as a result to achieve win-win situation.


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